Inwałd is a small town located between Andrychów and Wadowice. It is located directly by the regional road no. 52 from Kraków to Bielsko-Biała.

You can get to Inwałd Park by choosing one of the following means of transport:

By your own mean of transport

For the motorized, we recommend to enter the Inwałd Park coordinates in the GPS navigation.

Our address:
ul. Wadowicka 169, 34-120 Andrychów,
Małopolskie Voivoideship

GPS coordinates: 49.868268 N, 19.4088509 E

By bus

The nearest bus stations are:


In addition to regular bus lines, a network of private carriers is well-developed, they also reach us from smaller towns. Bus stops are located in front of the Parks.

By train

By choosing a train trip, you can reach one of several main train stations, and then travel further using the bus transport or private carriers.
Depending on where you want to arrive from, you can choose one of the railway stations:

  • Railway station

By plane

If you travel by air, there are two airports in our neighborhood: Kraków Airport – Balice, Katowice Airport – Pyrzowice. Jeżeli podróżujesz drogą powietrzną to w naszym sąsiedztwie są do wyboru dwa porty lotnicze: